Sasini Group to venture into biogas production

By Brenda Czeda

Sasini Group in partnership with a Finish power firm is set to establish a power generation plant using a collection of animal droppings.

The biogas power plant worth 60 million shillings is expected to generate 150-killowatt of electricity daily from slurry collected from over 300 cows.

According to Sasini Group Managing Director, Moses Changwony, the initiative is expected to cut down the cost of electricity to 100, 000 from 2 million per month.

Necessity is the mother of invention, this saying is crystal clear as Kenya, just as many countries in Africa, has seen several installation of biogas plants in efforts to control greenhouse emission and to reduce poverty in rural areas not connected to the national electricity grid.

However, the high cost of electricity has compelled Mweiga Estate, a subsidiary of Sasini Group to venture into biogas power generation, which is expected to generate 150-killowatts of electricity daily from cow dung collected from over 300 cows in a ranch.

The setting up of biogas involves placing of the animals’ droppings into anaerobic digester for quick decomposition by bacteria, and treating the end product, biogas, which is used to runs power generators.

According to Sasini Group Managing Director, the project which will be finalized in a weeks’ time, will among others, provide solution to waste management and cut down on electricity cost.

Sasini Group, which runs a 1,100 acres of land of coffee and dairy firm in Nyeri County, will now reduce the cost of electricity significantly to 50 per cent, something that will even bring a solution to the group’s tea factory in Kericho where millions of shillings is used in electricity cost.

Coffee and dairy products are set to increase in supply stemming from the expected cut in cost of electricity.

Moreover, according to the MD, Sasini Group is in the process of exploiting solar energy to produce an additional 850 kilowatts of power hence sell the surplus energy to the national grid and neighboring homes.