NASA to announce presidential flag bearer

By Kevin Wachira

The National Super Alliance (NASA) will announce its presidential flag bearer on Thursday next week.

The expanded opposition Thursday received Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto as the fifth partner in a ceremony that also marked the re-launch of the pentagon team that will challenge President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee party in August general elections.

The five parties represented in NASA have concluded with power sharing agreement and are now finalizing on a common manifesto.

NASA prided its ideology stating that entry of the former chairman of council of governors was an indication that Kenyans at grassroot level were running away from the jubilee regime.

Governor Ruto apologized for being part of the founders of jubilee coalition which in his opinion had strayed from its initial agenda of uniting Kenyans.

The Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM) party leader criticized jubilee’s style of governance and urging Kenyans to vote out the ruling party in august polls.

The five NASA principals committed to building an all-inclusive government should they capture power that respects the constitution and devolution.

Key topics in the NASA agenda include addressing historical injustices, strengthening devolution and eradicating poverty by dealing with corruption.

The five leaders of the expanded opposition will in the next two weeks embark on a countrywide tour to sell their manifesto.

On Thursday NASA will be at Uhuru Park where they will announce their presidential flagbearer.

The opposition has at the same time reiterated its commitment to set up a parallel tallying center during the general elections.